Debunking Solicitor Myths With Haigh's Solicitors

Debunking Solicitor Myths With Haigh's Solicitors


Due to the rise of tv shows such as How To Get Away With Murder and Law & Order, a lot of myths about the solicitor lifestyle have circled in the industry. We are here to debunk a lot of these myths. We’ve found our top 5 myths about solicitors and debunked them to give you some clarity and to help anyone interested in the solicitor industry.


Myth 1: Solicitors and Lawyers are the same.


Although these jobs may seem the same on the surface, they actually are quite different. A lawyer is actually an umbrella term for someone who is a Licensed Legal Practitioner. Responsibilities of a lawyer include giving legal advice and representing clients in court. A solicitor essentially holds the same responsibilities however they usually deal with a lot more paperwork and tend to turn to a barrister to represent their client. 


Myth 2: Solicitors are always in court. 


Although courtroom dramas tend to show solicitors primarily fighting for their client in court, this isn’t what they’re doing the entire time. Solicitors are actually most likely to spend their time in police interview rooms or meeting with various clients in their office. 


Myth 3: Only the rich and elite can become solicitors.


Yes, going through the process of getting the qualifications can be expensive. However, there are lots of legal apprenticeships, finance options such as Student Finance England and accessible courses available ensuring that anyone can achieve their legal dream. 


Myth 4: Hiring a solicitor is expensive.


This myth is very subjective as it depends on what law firm you go to and what you need the lawyer for. Here at Haighs, we pride ourselves in being able to make a nice middle ground in terms of pricing AND we also offer free legal advice. 


Myth 5: Solicitors are liars. 


In movies and tv shows, lawyers and solicitors are often portrayed as liars and schemers. Haighs Solicitors ensure that our staff are 100% honest, as lying in court is against the law. We always use the best work practices to ensure that we are being true and honest. 


We hope this blog has given you some clarity on the solicitor lifestyle. We enjoy debunking myths so look forward to seeing us debunk some more in the future! For any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email. 


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