Business Sales & Acquisitions

Business Sales & Acquisitions

Most solicitors and Legal firms talk about themselves, here at Haigh’s Solicitors we are different. We like to talk about you.

When either acquiring or selling a business, it is essential to ensure that you seek legal assistance and advice in order to be fully protected and informed of the effects of the transaction. When a business is bought or sold, the largest part of the transaction is actually the transfer of a number of individual assets, including:

-The business premises

-The stock of the business

-The tools and furniture of the business

-The name and reputation of the business

-The customer lists and ongoing contracts

-the staff


An acquisition or a disposal can be a daunting prospect no matter what the size is. We pride ourselves on being on hand to guide you through the process with as little stress as possible. Our specialist knowledge of commercial transactions and other aspects of law, including property law, ensure that we can assist you in making the sale or acquisition as simple and as easy as possible.


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