Probate Solicitors in Huddersfield

Probate Solicitors in Huddersfield

 Probate Solicitors in Huddersfield

 We know at a time of grief you need a sensitive, professional firm of solicitors. Here at Haigh’s we ensure minimal stress and hassle and offer a comprehensive service.


 A Grant of Probate authorises the executors to deal with the affairs of someone who has died, and it is therefore vital to ensure that a Grant of Probate is obtained correctly and as quickly as possible.


Our Service
At Haigh’s Solicitors, our team will provide a smooth and efficient service to reduce stress and heartache at what can often be a difficult time. We can carry out the full administration of an estate including:


 Identifying all the assets and liabilities of the deceased;


Applying for the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration;


Contacting the relevant banks, building societies, insurance companies, government department and creditors;


Dealing with Inheritance tax and other tax matters;


Valuations of properties, personal possessions and shares;


Assisting with the sale of any assets;


Dealing with unpaid debts; and


Distributing the assets


 Conveniently located in Mirfield on the outskirts of Huddersfield our comfortable offices have free parking nearby.  Call or email to have a friendly consultation with one of our experienced solicitors.


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